1. Accountability: "We became a team. I didn't want to let my team down and I didn't want to let myself down". 
  2. Clarity: "It's like you can see my ideas from many different angles, then help simplify them into powerful goals that I can act on".
  3. Overcoming self doubt: "I felt safe with you. It motivated me to get started".  
  4. Learning: "I became an expert on my own body. I know what works and why it works".  
  5. Confidence: "Working with you, boosted my confidence. I knew you had created a solid plan and I knew it was going to work". 
  6. A second pair of hands: "You get your sleeves rolled-up and help me. I didn't expect that and I feel supported".
  7. A second pair of eyes: "You are thoughtful and rigorous. Having you point out my blind spots allowed me let go of some habits I didn't know I had". 
  8. Loyalty: "Having you share your confidence in me is tremendously empowering. It helped me believe in my own abilities. You were consistent even when I slipped a little".