John Colver

John Colver is a writer, mountaineer and guide known for his passion to harness the power of nature for health, fitness and transformational experience. He began his professional guiding career in 1999, and quickly recognized the value of nature based fitness training as a method for preparing for life affirming adventures and also as a tool for everyday health, wellness and happiness.

Recognized by top guiding companies and outdoor brands. He designed an award winning outdoor fitness training program and began writing for publications and for the prestigious Mountaineers Book company. His first book ‘Fit By Nature’, was published by The Mountaineers in 2011.

After guiding over 100 summit expeditions on Washington’s Mount Rainier. He worked with Rainier Mountain Guides and National Park Rangers to produce ‘Fit To Climb’, a training manual and program for aspiring Mount Rainier climbers. ‘Fit To Climb’ was published in 2018.

Having grown up in Edinburgh, Scotland, Colver was well-versed in stories about the life of John Muir and fascinated with the devotion Muir had to not only immersing himself in nature, but devoting the last part of his life to advocating for protection of public lands for the benefit of everyone.

Wanting to go deeper into understanding Muir’s motivations and passion, John decided to embark on a unique adventure inspired by Muir’s Thousand Mile walk to the Gulf Of Mexico. Only instead of repeating that route, he decided to start where Muir arrived in California and trace a route from Southern California, up through San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountain Ranges, then north through the Sierra Nevada, Yosemite, Northern California, Oregon and Washington. In one single adventure Colver walked over 2500 miles through wildernesses that were the dearest to Muir’s heart and life. He climbed peaks that Muir had climbed first in the 1800’s, slept by lakes, walked through wildernesses and crossed mountain ranges continually asking the questions; What did Muir see? What do we see? What made him devote his life to environmental service and what will we do to honor his legacy?

‘In The Footsteps of a Saint’ is due for publication in summer of 2019.

As a writer, John has contributed to numerous environmental and recreation groups, non-profits, news organizations and magazines. For the past 6 years, Fit By Nature has been recognized as a leading Outdoor Fitness title and featured nationally. John speaks regularly on 'Outdoor Fitness at companies, clubs and retailers.

As a speaker, his years of experience in the adventure and mountaineering world enables him to bring an authentic and unique perspective to his presentations. John has won numerous awards for his outdoor fitness coaching and has also been featured in Backpacker Magazine, Outside Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Miami Times, Seattle Times and The New York Times Magazine, among others. As a speaker and consultant he has worked with a diverse range of organizations that include Microsoft, REI, Vulcan, Google, Mountaineers, Mountains To Sound Greenway and Seattle-based, Climbing out of Homelessness Program.

When not guiding or exploring, John is based in Seattle.