1. Camels fascinate me. Endurance. speed. anger and sharp teeth. Borderline attractive. What a combo!   
  2. I love cooking. If I didn't do what I do, I might be a chef.  
  3. I learned to climb in Edinburgh. On church steeples. In all conditions. Usually at night. I learned that if you pull too hard... the tiles come off. After that, mountains never worried me.    
  4. When I'm running alone and get bored, I look at the open road or trail ahead and imagine I'm in the lead! I want to win a running race. Just once. I find this thought strangely motivating.    
  5. Je parle bien le français.
  6. Walking is one of my favorite things to do. 
  7. I got a pebble from the Pacific ocean and put it in my pocket for a 4,000 mile bike ride. I called it, Rock. I talked to it some days. When I got to the other coast, Rock went off the pier. Splash.   
  8. I can make fire with sticks and build a waterproof shelter, in the forest, with no tools. 
  9. Cat lover.
  10. I shpeak with a mid-atlantic acshent. I've lived in Schotland, England, Fransch and the United Shtates.   
  11. I have a fear of heights. 
  12. My body is nearly always warm. 
  13. Been a hundred times up Mount Rainier.   
  14. Hailee Steinfeld, Tove Lo, Hozier, Katy Perry, The Heavy, Milky Chance, Bebe Rexha and X Ambassadors are all on my running playlist. 
  15. My perfect Friday night is a fire, a couch and a book.